Products comparison: find the best-value PC for you

Dec 02, 2015

Would you like to find out which PC is offering the best value in regard to your performance needs and budget requirements? Have a look at the chart below: it classifies our high-end, fanless computers by price (barebone price as reference) and performance (Geekbench3 score from Primate Labs).

How do I read this chart?

If you have a demanding performance application, IntensePC2 i7 is the best choice. It’s our most powerful fanless computer with 4th Generation Haswell Processor from Intel (also offering amazing I/O for networking, communications, etc.).

If you have an application demanding high performance and your budget is a restricting criteria, you can easily see which model would be the best value for you by checking our chart. For a similar processing performance, IntensePC i5 offers a lower price than IntensePC i7. For the same price, IntensePC2 i7 offers more performance than IntensePC i7.

Fitlet-T offers an outstanding price for the performance you can get from this fanless AMD computer compared to 3rd and 4th Generation Intel i3 PCs!

Within the AMD fanless family (red and orange dots on this chart), Fitlet-T is definitely the FitPC4 Pro successor offering better processing power.

Performance Cost Comparison


Chart based on information from our partner CompuLab. The cost shown refers to the list price of a barebone system. Final price may be higher with inclusion of RAM, storage and operating system or with product customisation. Price may be reduced for volume orders. Fitlet i/x are pre-configured to work at 4.5W TDP. The user should adjust TDP to observe full performance.