Fitlet as an Automotive Diagnostic Analyser

Nov 19, 2015

The world's automotive fleet is now almost universally equipped with On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems. These OBD systems in conjunction with external readers/programmers allow users to monitor numerous real-time system parameters, read diagnostic fault codes for use in repairs, and reset codes.

Fitlet can function as a very capable OBD Analyser and Monitor – we go so far as to say that Fitlet can diagnose your car’s engine! Below, we show an overview of the test conducted by Hassellbear for CompuLab showing that Fitlet is without doubt a very versatile piece of hardware. The full demonstration of Fitlet in action is available on Compulab’s Forum.

The Test

Purpose of the test: Can Fitlet be a Diagnostic station at an automotive repair facility? A ‘Carputer’ providing vehicle performance data in addition to other functions such as navigation and mobile media centre? A Performance tuning aid for the speed lovers among us?

Hardware used: Fitlet iA10 with ELM 327 Based OBD-II Interface (Bluetooth Version, compatible With All OBD-II Protocols).

Software used: OBD Auto Doctor. Interfacing Fitlet to the vehicle via bluetooth.

The Result

Fitlet OBD Analyser and Monitor “The results of this test were very good. Fitlet was able to communicate with the vehicle via bluetooth to a range of approx. 40 feet/12 meters. The selection of systems data available for monitoring was comprehensive and extensive.

Fitlet can be a cost effective viable option for vehicle systems analysis and monitoring in the home or professional repair shop setting. By using the bluetooth connectivity option, one Fitlet station could easily handle multiple vehicles by using multiple ELM 327 Bluetooth adapters.

However, because the Fitlet OBD Auto Doctor solution is relatively inexpensive, it shouldn't represent an excessive cost burden to outfit each repair bay with its own Fitlet system.

For those considering using Fitlet as a "Carputer", OBD-II monitoring could be a useful function.”

Article published by courtesy of our partner CompuLab and Hassellbear.
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